Saturday, June 23, 2007

Redemption of the Klutz

If there's one thing I really love about being in business for myself, it's interacting with customers. I love the chitchat, the assistance, the stories they tell, and sometimes even the selling. But our relationship with the customer doesn't end with the sale. Sometimes it carries on after-the-fact, as I outlined in my post below. Even goofing up as I did by breaking her pendant, I know that most people are positive, forgiving, generous, and accommodating.

So I suppose it should have come as no surprise to me that my customer, soon-to-be beneficiary of one free slightly-chipped corset pendant, was all of the above - and more! She understood that "these things happen" when I explained that I had accidentally broken her purchase. In fact, we are taking this opportunity for her to custom-design a pendant to her exact specifications. Rather than a silver bail, she'll have three holes in the top. And rather than holes in the bottom, as in the original piece, she'll have stringing holes in each of the sides, where the armholes would have been if I had turned the corset into a woman's trunk. She's picking colors and textures to suit her own style, and by having a truly unique piece to reflect her own personality, her jewelry will have a jump-start in echoing her personal voice.

It's terrific when we can turn "lemons into lemonade", but I couldn't have done it without the sugar that is my customer! Thanks, Barbara; you've been a real sweetheart.

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