Sunday, April 26, 2009

How time flies!

Starting this blog was such an exciting project for me; yet here it is, what, maybe two years later, and I haven't posted anything! What's been happening since I last posted?

The most exciting and interesting event happened to me nearly two years ago when my friend Susan Sherman asked me to become her partner at the Gahanna Bead Studio ( in Gahanna, Ohio. What a time it's been since! The shop takes virtually all of my time now, but I couldn't be happier - or more challenged. Day to day management of a bead shop is proving to be harder than any job I've ever had. I imagine it must be like being the CEO of a company, though on a much smaller scale and with far fewer resources. Time is spent not beading but managing staff and resources, paying bills, scheduling classes, and tracking down teachers for samples. I can't even remember the last time I got to play in the basement, rolling out clay and immersing myself in my craft for hours at a time.

Flash forward another year: I wrote the two paragraphs above a year ago and am now just getting back to blogging. When I say "time flies", I mean it does so at supersonic speed! What a whirlwind two years it's been.

I am happy to say that the shop is humming along quite smoothly (with lots of hard work) and that business is going quite well. I hope the signs we see at the studio are indicators that our economy as a whole is improving as well. Only time - advancing at the speed of light - will tell.

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